A Challenging Range of Tuzzles Wooden Knob Puzzles for Advanced Learners

Tuzzles wooden knob puzzles each come with a Tuzzles safety knob designed to assist the grasping and manipulation of individual puzzle pieces. While most of our wooden knob puzzles are designed for younger children, we have included a few more difficult designs for kids who like a challenge.

Why Choose Wooden Knob Puzzles for Children Aged 36 Months and Above?

  • More complex wooden knob puzzles are perfect for advanced learners who need a challenge but who still need to work on their fine motor skills
  • This style of puzzle is great for children with Special Needs who may have to concentrate on their fine motor coordintion
KN3X3-049S - Busy Street Tuzzles Wooden Knob Puzzle

KN3X3-049S - Busy Street Tuzzles Wooden Knob Puzzle. Tuzzles wooden knob puzzles for kids aged 36 months and above are designed with multiple learning outcomes and are more conceptually challenging than those designed for ages 18 months and above.

KN-088S - Train Tuzzles Wooden Knob Puzzle

Wooden Knob Puzzles for Kids aged 36 months and above generally depict complex shapes and objects that are made up of multple pieces.