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Tuzzles™ have been helping children learn through play for more than 25 years. Our personalized wooden name puzzles are made to the same world-class standards and shipped world-wide.

Unlike other name puzzles on the market, Tuzzles wooden name puzzles do not use knobs or pegs. Children who are developmentally able to complete a name puzzle require refined fine motor skills, which are best developed through raised puzzles (where each of the puzzle pieces stands proud of the surrounding frame).

Tuzzles personalised wooden name puzzles use bright primary colours, which have been proven to be the best for helping children engage.

Our wooden name puzzles can be made from 2 to 15 letters (hyphens are not included in the letter count, so you have use hyphens if need be!)

sample of a 7 letter personalized wooden name puzzletuzzles personalized wooden name puzzles

Tuzzles also provide a wooden stand for retail stores who want to stock high quality wooden personalized name puzzles