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Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Nuremberg!

We had a great time in Nuremberg at the 2013 ToyFair. A big thankyou to everyone who made appointments to come and see us. We really enjoyed meeting you.

For anyone who is interested, here is a picture of our booth at the Toyfair.

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Tuzzles in Canada

We are proud to announce that Tuzzles™ products are now availble in Canada exclusively through our good friends at Louise Kool & Galt. They carry a large range of Tuzzles products and the range is growing every day.

Louise Kool & Galt are celebrating 50 years this year.  They have an amazing product range (including Tuzzles!) […]

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Tuzzles Peg Puzzles Make Children Think!

Peg puzzles provide easy piece manipulation for very young children, or for children who need a little assistace with their co-ordination and fine motor skills. Peg puzzles are the first introduction to puzzles and play a vital role in the development of logical thought. Children learn very quickly how puzzles go together and will soon […]

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Come and see us at Nuremberg Toyfair 2013

This year will be the 14th year that Tuzzles has been shown at the Nuremberg Toy Fair!

We’ve been working hard to put together lots of new designs, so come and check out our stand in Hall 12 / F-13.

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Wooden Knob Puzzles – How to Choose for Safety

There are many wooden knob puzzles on the market today and a lot of them come with pegs or knobs attached to some or all of the pieces. These knobs (or ‘pegs’ as they are often referred to) are more than just a feature that “should” be attached to wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces for children […]

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How did Tuzzles™ Start?

Here’s an old article from the Sydney Morning Herald we’ve dug out of the vault that explains the story of how Tuzzles™ began:

Faced With A Puzzle, Invention Is The Necessity Of Motherhood

Sydney Morning Herald

Tuesday April 9, 2002

Jon Casimir

Twenty-five years ago Bronwyn Savage’s second son, Ian, was born with cerebral palsy. As a child he had […]

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