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Tuzzles™ has an enormous number of wooden tray puzzles to choose from!

F20-043S Tuzzles Wooden Flat Tray Puzzle

This is an example of a Tuzzles Cut wooden tray puzzle. The cut lines for each piece follow different shapes in the design making this a more difficult style of puzzle.

F30-053S - Tuzzles Wooden Grid Cut Puzzle

F30-053S - Tuzzles Wooden Grid Cut Puzzle - Grid puzzles may seem easy, but they're not!


Why Wooden Tray Puzzles
Tuzzles wooden tray puzzles are free from paper laminates which means there is no paper to be chewed off, delaminate, or fall off if it gets wet. In fact, Tuzzles tray puzzles are designed to be wiped clean and even disinfected if necessary! Tuzzles products are sold to preschools and schools and are made to education quality standards.

Tray puzzles each come with their own “storage board” where the pieces go back into as the puzzle is put together.

There are many different styles and types to choose from including:

  • Tuzzles Cut Wooden Tray Puzzles
  • Grid Cut Wooden Tray Puzzles
  • Traditional Cut Wooden Tray Puzzles