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Thanks to everyone who came to see us in Nuremberg!

We had a great time in Nuremberg at the 2013 ToyFair. A big thankyou to everyone who made appointments to come and see us. We really enjoyed meeting you. For anyone who is interested, here is a picture of our booth at the Toyfair.

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Tuzzles in Canada

We are proud to announce that Tuzzles™ products are now availble in Canada exclusively through our good friends at Louise Kool & Galt. They carry a large range of Tuzzles products and the range is growing every day. Louise Kool & Galt are celebrating 50 years this year.  They have an amazing product range (including [...]

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Tuzzles Peg Puzzles Make Children Think!

Peg puzzles provide easy piece manipulation for very young children, or for children who need a little assistace with their co-ordination and fine motor skills. Peg puzzles are the first introduction to puzzles and play a vital role in the development of logical thought. Children learn very quickly how puzzles go together and will soon [...]

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Wooden Knob Puzzles – How to Choose for Safety

There are many wooden knob puzzles on the market today and a lot of them come with pegs or knobs attached to some or all of the pieces. These knobs (or 'pegs' as they are often referred to) are more than just a feature that "should" be attached to wooden jigsaw puzzle pieces for children [...]

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How did Tuzzles™ Start?

Here's an old article from the Sydney Morning Herald we've dug out of the vault that explains the story of how Tuzzles™ began: Faced With A Puzzle, Invention Is The Necessity Of Motherhood Sydney Morning Herald Tuesday April 9, 2002 Jon Casimir Twenty-five years ago Bronwyn Savage's second son, Ian, was born with cerebral palsy. [...]

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